With day to day wear, settings on jewellery can become worn especially in a soft metal such as gold. Also, exposure to every day substances, house hold chemicals, toiletries etc. can create a film on the diamond’s surface which in turn will dull its sparkle and shine.

We recommend you have your jewellery checked on an annual basis by one of our experts where we can give it a thorough clean and ensure that everything is in order.

Cleaning Method

For home cleaning, gently scrub your diamond with a soft brush using a solution of warm water and washing up liquid taking care not to damage the setting. Rinse with clean water.

An annual professional clean in one of our stores will ensure your jewellery retains its beauty and will enable us to check the setting. Most insurance companies now insist on this service.


A diamond is the hardest substance known to man and as such, is extremely resistant to damage either by heat or from scratching. It would take an extremely hard blow to chip a diamond and under normal conditions of everyday use, this would be very unlikely to occur. That’s good news but what it does mean is that your diamond jewellery will scratch any other jewellery it may be stored with so consider storing it separately to avoid unwanted damage.

Protecting your investment.

It goes without saying that any jewellery you own should be adequately protected by the appropriate insurance. An up- to- date valuation by a registered valuer along with photographs of your pieces is recommended. Quite often it is now standard requirement from your insurers.

Please see the Valuation and insurance section on our services page for more information on this subject.

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