In my bag...

Wed 06 Mar 2013

In my bag...

We all love handbags – delve into most women’s and they will be brimming with life’s little essentials. Rachel Buller takes a peak inside the multi-functional bag of Norfolk jeweller Donne Kidson.

As mum to three boys and director of a busy jewellers, Donne Kidson’s bag needs to be big, practical and full of all the things which ensure life runs smoothly, both personally and professionally. “I absolutely love handbags, and I have them in all sorts of colours,” she says. “The one I am using at the moment is big enough to keep everything I need in it. It has zebra print on the front and it is by Tismaria.”

Donne, who has been a director at Francis Wain Jewellers in King’s Lynn and Dereham for six years, says: “I like to be able to get everything in one bag, whether that’s paperwork I need to take home for the night, or my diary or things for the children.

“I always keep things like paracetamol, an inhaler, antihistamine cream, tissues in there, it is the mum in me I’m afraid. If someone says they have something wrong, then I like to be able to reach in and offer them something to help,” she laughs.

Bag essentials

Prada L’eau Ambree Eau De Parfum, from £52 for 50ml.

“I keep a full size bottle of my perfume in my bag, I have been using this Prada fragrance for a couple of years after somebody bought it for me as a present. I just love it and think the smell really suits me. I bought this last bottle from the Prada shop in Venice so it is extra special.”

iPhone 4, prices vary according to contract.

“I use my iPhone for absolutely everything. I love the fact you can stand on a street corner and can find directions to anything you need nearby. I use it for pleasure and for work, it is especially useful for taking photographs of pieces by new jewellery designers which I am keen to stock.”

Clarins Colour Quench Lip Balm, Pink Jaipur £15.

“I am not particularly brand loyal when it comes to lipstick, it is all about the colour. At the moment I really love this Clarins lip balm. It is just a great shade that really suits me, it feels good and stays on well.”

Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream, £19 for 100ml.

“You hands age just as much as your face so I try and look after them. I love Clarins and always use its products on my face and body; it keeps my skin really supple.”

Black leather Filofax, prices vary.

“I have to write things down. If it is written down then every morning I know what I need to do for the day, for work and for family life. I keep my contacts in my phone, but this is what keeps me organised.”

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