Fri 02 Aug 2013


All this sunshine has got us thinking about the current spring/summer trends. When the ladies were over in Vicenza it was evident that coral is making a comeback in a big way, in every shape and shade according to Donne.

Colours, layering and long chains and necklaces are still popular, with an emphasis on creating ‘interesting variations aimed at lowering prices of gold pieces,’ remarks Donne.

Eco-leather earrings, collarets and bangles covered in 18carat-gold mesh also caught the girls’ eyes and it would seem that Helen was particularly drawn to the window displays and props used to display the jewellery – so much so that she fell off a curb while taking a photograph and spent the next two days hobbling around the show – dedication!!

Speaking of trends- If you can never find quite what you are looking for, why not take advantage of our bespoke design service?

One of our customer’s- Margot Pickering used this service to create a pendant from her diamond and sapphire engagement ring.

Mrs. Pickering rarely removed her engagement ring but when she lost a diamond from it she vowed never to wear the ring again and put it in a drawer for sake-keeping. However, the arrival of her first grand-daughter prompted her to give the engagement ring ‘a new lease of life.’

The ring was taken along to our Dereham store where, together, Mrs. Pickering and Beth discussed how they could retain ‘the sentiment and memories of the original ring.’ By melting down the original gold and restoring the platinum settings, the beautiful pendant was formed, which Beth says she hoped ‘Mrs. Pickering’s granddaughter will cherish for years to come – just as her grandmother did.’ The pendant was presented to her grand-daughter at her Christening.

Not only do we repair and restore jewellery but we can create bespoke pieces totally from scratch. Our designers can provide you with working sketches and moulds and new pieces of jewellery can be made from any unused or damaged pieces that you may have in your jewellery box, just like we did with Mrs. Pickering.

So if you can never find your exact style, you are choosing a present for the fussiest person in the world, or perhaps you’re doing something ultra-romantic and designing your own wedding/engagement rings, whatever it is, get in touch and we can discuss your ideas!

  • I just wanted to say a very big thank you on behalf of both Debbie and I for the race day on Saturday. I thought it was such an excellent day and we had such fun. We both thought how very well planned and organised it was and a credit to the business. Read more

    Debbie & Simon Wilson

  • A Perfect Superb Fantastic day out. Well done to you all. Wishing you success in all you do. Thank you so much for the invitation.

    Joseph & Maralyn Gromett

  • Thank you! Lovely day with lovely people. Exciting to go racing, all good fun until the coach got moved and we waited and walked everywhere to find it. Never mind - great day off! xx Read more

    Roland & Jane LeRoy

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